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Our Warranty

Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC shall provide a limited warranty covering parts and labor on the work performed. This warranty shall only last for a limited period of (1) year from the date of repair or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. During said period, Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC, will at its sole discretion, correct any defects related to poor workmanship and or faulty parts. Warranty claims are subject to prior approval. Prior approval requires a direct cause to be established as the point of failure before any warranty decision will be made. This limited warranty will only cover labor costs due to a flaw in craftsmanship. This limited warranty will only cover parts that are damaged due to premature wear and tear and or complete failure related to the initial repair. This warranty does not extend to any parts damaged by neglect of another needed repair and or failure of other components. Warranty is only valid through Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC and does not extend to any third party repair facility. Warranty is subject to cancellation or changes at any time at the sole discretion of Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC depending on customer relationship and payment status. Warranty will become null and void in the absence of payment for completed work and or customer score dropping to or below a -10.

Oil Changes are excluded from our standard warranty. Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC will gladly fix an error in craftsmanship related to the oil change within 14 days after completion.

Vehicle batteries have their own replacement warranty which will be indicated on the receipt. The free replacement only covers the price of the battery itself and does not extend to any labor, fees or tax to replace assuming the battery is within normal wear and tear and no external issues are present which may cause the battery to drain. 

Vehicle diagnostics and vehicle inspections are excluded from our warranty. 

Privacy Policy

We will not sell your data. We do use external applications to operate this business. We have no control over how these companies use customer data. These companies may change their privacy policies at any time. Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC makes no guarantee that your data is safe. We are not responsible for subsequent hacks, leaks or outright sale of customer data. 


We do keep customer information for 1 year (365 calendar days) as required by Florida state law. Data collected includes but are not limited to; name, address, phone number, email, vehicle information, phone calls, text messages, advertising data and signed work orders.

Terms and Conditions

Free estimates unless diagnostics or teardown at the cost of $__120.00__ per flat rate hour. We use a flat rate to calculate charges.


Initial diagnostics may not completely resolve all issues related to the needed repairs as other underlying issues may be present. During the repair process, additional problems and damages may be uncovered. In the event that our technicians discover the need for repairs not covered under the initial authorized estimate, work on the vehicle will cease and notification of the newly uncovered problems and repairs will be immediately addressed to the customer. Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC will not perform any repairs listed outside of our work agreements without prior authorization from the customer. Authorization methods include but are not limited to verbal, text / phone messages, emails, or written notices.

Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC will not be responsible for any lost, stolen and or any damaged property (excluding mechanical damage covered under a fault of craftsmanship and or faulty parts), HOA fees, any lease or finance violations from the use of “aftermarket parts”, depreciation value caused by the repair, manufacturer’s warranty becoming null and or void due to repairs not being performed by an “Authorized Service Provider”. It is advised that the customer takes the above risks into consideration prior to choosing any parts for the necessary repairs. While the customer has the sole and ultimate right to choose which parts are used for the repairs needed, Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC reserves the right to exercise professional judgment, and refuse to make any repairs using parts deemed unsafe, inadequate, or of low quality. Mismos Mobile Mechanics will not install customer provided parts due to the high likelihood of failure and misdiagnosis. We will not work on the side of any major road for the safety of our staff. An acceptable work location is one where the car is away from major streets and one where we have permission to not only be there, but are able to work on the vehicle.

Customer agrees to pay in full for the services in the signed estimate upon successful completion of all the listed repairs prior to picking up the vehicle including its keys. Client agrees to pay in full for any parts, labor, taxes, fees, and any other charges incurred that were authorized by the customer. All sales are and shall be final without exceptions. Credit / debit card payments are subjected to an additional 3% processing fee. Buy now pay later services are subjected to an additional 8% processing fee.


In the event that work is performed, but additional work is required or needed, payment is still due and expected in full. In the event of no payment, the vehicle will not be released, and the customer shall be responsible for any further additional charges and fees incurred in procuring payment and or collection. Failure to pay within 5 business days will result in legal action against the customer and liens being levied against the vehicle itself all at the customer’s full expense. Client certifies that they have the legal right to authorize repairs for the vehicle mentioned in the estimate. Client also certifies they authorize Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC to take the steps necessary to perform the repairs listed in the work agreement including any on-road vehicle testing and outsourcing of repairs and parts if necessary.


Coupons and discounts are subject to approval at the sole discretion of Mismos Mobile Mechanics LLC. (1) Offer per household, per offer for the life of the specific discount period. Codes are required, present the offer with the discount code at the time of service to claim offer. 

Fleet management services are entitled to special reduced cost labor rate. To sign up for fleet management services please email us

Appointment policies

By booking an appointment you agree to the following terms in full:

Client must make or modify appointments at least 4 hours prior to scheduled time to allow time for part sourcing and adequate time to approve or deny the initial estimate. By booking an appointment you agree to be contacted by email, phone, and or text messages and agree to automatically sign up for promotional marketing emails. If an appointment is booked but no contact is received from the customer prior to the appointment, it will be canceled. 

We use an internal scoring system to determine overall customer reliability. If your score drops below a -10 we will no longer do business with you and all current standing warranties with us are permanently voided.


All clients start with a score of 0. For each completed service they will given a +3 to their score. If a client needs to reschedule we will not dock any points unless the requested change has been requested less than 4 hours before the scheduled time slot. If you need to reschedule within this 4 hour window, you will have a -5 added to your score. Clients may cancel their appointments for any reason up to 4 hours before the allotted time slot with no score penalties. Within this 4 hour window, if the client decides to cancel, you will receive a -5 added to your score. If our mechanic comes to the location you requested and no contact is received from the client within the first 15 minutes after arrival, we will automatically change your score to -10 and subsequently void any current warranties with us and permanently bar you from doing business with us in the future.  

If you are running late to an appointment let us know so we can notify other customers and work our schedules around. If you are late to an appointment more than 5 minutes you will be charged an additional $2 per minute plus a $10 flat fee that our mechanics wait. This is a non-negotiable fee that will be added to the initial work agreement.


By giving us your email address either through an appointment booking or for receiving a receipt, you will automatically be signed up for promotional marketing materials. You can opt out of these marketing materials at any time by emailing us your first and last name, your address, phone number and email address to

Opting out of marketing emails may take up to 7 days to process the request. During this time you may still receive marketing related emails and or physical promotional materials. 

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